Sunday, July 27, 2003

The Inverted Rainbow

I never knew it existed, until...

The Inverted Rainbow

Spiralling cigarette smoke vanishing like
an Indian rope trick to the ceiling.
Men laughing at their own nakedness
as the drinks peeled layers of shyness,
peg after peg.

Waiters, harried, running to and fro
looking tipsy with all the brews fumes.

"What ?" some dope asks," Is
the most beautiful thing in the world ? "

Answers from the sublime to
ribald to the risque rakes the
bar's smoke fog, followed
by guffaws.

Until, one silent man sitting in
the corner and seeming to
grow inward as he got high
and higher, opens
his mouth.
"I had seen the inverted rainbow,"
he says solemly. So out of place.
"That, was the most beautiful."

We howl,"He is the drunkest,"
"Or cock-eyed," quips the jester.
"May be he walks with his
legs held high and his head firmly
planted on the ground," the wit says.

More comments, critiques and wise cracks.
More sniggers, taunts, barbs.
More drunken laughters and back slapping.

"He is the weirdest," we all finally agree,
as the silent man finishes his drink, and
we are tired of laughing at him.

He gets up.
He looks unwounded by all our lethal
jibes and snides.
He holds his head high. "I had," he says,
looking around pityingly at us
soggy to the gills sozzlers,
"Seen my girl smile."

And he walks out.

Friday, July 25, 2003

Why I'm a Blog bin sifter...

Too many writers,
hardly any readers.

Too many talkers,
few listeners.

Too many voyeurs,
hardly anyone looking.

Too many confused,
the few knowing,supercilious.

Too many poets,
where are the critics ?

Too many obfuscating confessions,
hardly any candid.

Too many faking the wounds,
naturally, no one relates to the pain.

Too many masks,
only a few, honest.

Too many generalisers,
who generally lie.

when you read that one piece
that makes your day,
you want to sift through
the blog bin again...

and again...