Saturday, August 09, 2003

My Daily Deaths

at you,
I die every day.

Your voice hypnotizes me,
and I sleep-walk dangerously,
in my awake state.

Your scents swoon me,
and I fall unconscious
by the wayside.

Your eyes like whirl pools,
attract, pull me under
and drown me.

Your gentle laughter like
melodious wind chimes,
makes me amnesic.

Your articulate expressions,
makes me want to commit hara-kiri,
at my own corny
mish-mash scribbles.

Why, even your dainty manicured nails,
like stilettos, slash my heart to shreds,
when you sculpt by your fingers
describing something excitedly,
to your privileged friends.

But, what really tortures me most
is that,
you don’t know any of
my feelings for you.

And that, I will never have the
guts to tell you…


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