Saturday, September 20, 2003

Friends I would like to keep away from

Meeting you again,
I am nervous.

After all, you have hurt
me pretty badly years ago,
and I am still bleeding.

However, you are
sweet to me. So concerned.
So like you.
First you will
trod on my toes,
and as I wince,
you would ask if
I am ok.

You want to know
how life has been treating me.
Pretty kind, I say.
My work? Nothing to complain, I say.
My... ? No, I'm single yet, I say.
Some lucky girl
waiting for you,
you joke. Ha,ha,ha, I laugh.
Knife thrusts would be
a gentle caress beside your
verbal enquiry..

Watching us chat, you would
think I am so uncouth,
while she is so caring.
So concerned about
a bum like me.
You might even think that
I don’t deserve such
a nice girl as a friend.

You are right. I don’t
deserve her.
Like some wise man said,
next to the wound, what
women make best is the bandage.

I don’t need a Nightingale
like her.

For my own safety.


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