Thursday, October 23, 2003

Down, but not out

There is no heart ache more
painful than the first rejection.
However, after a couple of rejections,
you become a pro.

But nothing comes near to that
first time rejection.
The pain, the bitterness,
the loss of face.
It is an exquisite feeling
of shame, hurt.

You feel it is the end of the world.
You feel as though you got
such an awful love battered face,
that you wish to erase it
from everyones memory, forever.

You wish you were an
ostrich, that you could
bury that face in the sand.

You lose your appetite,
You feel suicidal.
You feel so negative that
sob love songs become
your anthems. Girls, ooh
you dont want them again.

Ever in your life.

But then,
after all said and done,
you look at another new face
and you feel the pulse again.
You feel wonderfully alive.

Ready, to be battered again.


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