Wednesday, October 15, 2003

The Latest Tragedy of my life

When I joke, people
treat me solemnly.
As though I am
reading the obituary,
of a dear departed aunt.

When I am serious,
people laugh their heads off,
as though I am Charlie
Chaplins avatar.

This has been, the
tragedy of my life.

Why, see that gorgeous woman
across the table? Years ago,
she was my first and
only original love
(all the others were carbons).

Yet she had laughed mirthfully,
when I solemnly
proposed to her.
She said, she knew I
was just joking, and that, I was
sweet (ugh, what a bitter word).

I was distraught. But, I did not,
drown myself in drinks
bawl out outrageous heart break sob songs
kill myself imaginatively.

I went to the
gym and punched the sand bag
(yes, my sadistic coach had
filled it with sand),
till my knuckles
bled raw, and I felt
empty of her.

When I look at her, now,
I am feeling the same,
intense aching pain.

In my gnarled disfigured knuckles !

God, now, my heart too
is laughing at me.


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