Monday, November 03, 2003

Being the Lackey

I was the kind of guy, whom people used to love to hate. It was not without reason, as you will see.

Have you ever fell in
love with your
friends lover?

It happened to me.
The girl I liked was
my best friends girl.

She was a simple girl.
But, like my friend used
to say, most plain girls
were virtuous, because
of the lack of opportunity
to be otherwise.

My friend was handsome.
Dark, and brooding.
Like the devil.
And the women felt, they
needed to care for him.
To correct him.
And how wrong they were.

So he would pick the girls,
make them feel good and
when he discarded them, the
girls felt more grateful,
than jilted.

For he had
brought, the rare bit of
sunshine and romance
that they ever
saw, in their dark
prosaic world.

And I used to be the fall
guy. The messenger, the
excuse, the mask. For
all his deeds.

Rather, misdeeds.

I never cared much for them
women. I felt, if birds
had no brains, it aint my fault.

But this girl was soft, and
sweet, like a pineapple sponge cake.
And I felt, for the first time,
angry at my friend,
and his wicked ways,
and sorry for her.

I also felt, for
the first time, what a fool
I was. Being his dumb
sidekick, in all
his dirty schemes.

I did nothing.

My friend went
into the usual routine
of wooing this poor girl,
and she was as besotted as
the rest before her were,
like bugs around a blazing bulb.

And when he dumped her,
she realized what a cad he was.
But unlike the rest, she felt
she had been cheated, let down.

And when she was killing herself,
I said to her, I love you.
She asked me, why? why ?
you never told me this before?

I thought and said, my loyalty
always comes before
my love.

Because, I am a man.


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