Thursday, November 06, 2003

Why Blog ?

Because it beats drinking
Because myself I rediscover by thinking

Because it clears my mental clog
Because through my own mazes, I slog

Because it is an emotional catharsis
Because bad memories it cauterizes

Because I am too lazy to write letters
Because I can showoff what little I know to my betters

Because it is a kind of an eerie free fall into the net
Because I am also as hooked as the rest

Because it is the only sunlight from my prison I see
Because I feel it might set me free

Because I might just manage to be readable to just one
Because the rest don’t give a damn and it don’t bother me none

Because living with an illusion has never been so much of a fun
Because it gives a breather to a man on the run

Because I get up in the middle of the night and feel I gotta write it
Because if my day has been bad, I always know I can make up for it

So the less of me you see here , the more happier I am.


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