Saturday, October 30, 2004

Have We really Won ?

Now that we have feted and felicitated
our great heros, and are giving every
sundry quite a bit of
the generous bounty,
a nagging feeling remains.
Like an irritating leftover from a feast,
stuck way behind and
between our teeth
that can’t be extricated
or reached by a toothpick.
Have we really won?
Do we really deserve the gung ho feeling,
the machismo, the victory march,
the tonsuring of the head etc..etc ?
What are we celebrating by bursting
crackers, distributing sweets about?
That we are not
going to lose anymore
selfless brave cops and ordinary people
ruthlessly shot or beheaded by
a beast of a man?
That a nation of 100 million
held to ransom by a common
poacher for 20 odd years,
has finally been freed of
the thug?
That we who have weathered
the crafty Chinese/Pak couldn’t
catch a wily brigand?
That we who have technology
to scan our land to a meter’s
resolution from our satellites,
couldn’t see the murderer
because of the the forest cover?
That it took a 700 plus special
cops to finally nail him?
That it took 400 odd bullets
to hit home
fatally with just three?

That a mustachioed demon
fed by opportunist politicians,
saluted by
spineless local cops,
exploited by ruthless
press persons and voraciously
read by the peeping tom public,
has bit the bullet?

I beg to differ.

The entire scenario resembles to me of
hundreds of Lilliputians gloating and
prancing and singing over a fallen Gulliver.
We may have won the war.
But we have long lost our
honor in this battle,
that can never be won back.

Somebody is having
a long, last laugh six feet under.

Monday, October 18, 2004

A Wino's Wonderings

Late evening, the pub is
pulsating with camaraderie
and laughter. But all I have,
is a fellow bar fly
repeating his sad
story, for the nth time,
like a stuck audio CD.

Looking abstractedly at the
people around,
suddenly, I wonder…

Why do I not
see women trying to
drown their sorrows in bars?

They always seem so
hip, hep n happy.

Is it that,
they just wanna
have fun here?
Or is it due to
their self control?
Or lack of sorrows?
Or is it just a masquerade?
A self preserving
mode of concealing their hurts?
Or is it due to their rigid
cultural conditioning of
concealing their pains?
Or, are their sorrows
not drownable?
Or do they
cry in
Women Only Bars?

Or, maybe,
women are made
of sterner stuff
and don’t hit
the bottle
every time they
get hurt or hit.

Or may be,
they only cry in private.

Or is it that a man’s
sorrow is supposed to be
universally exhibited and pitied,
while a woman’s,
is hers alone?

Or, maybe, men try to live by
trying to forget the details
and women, by trying
not to forget them.

Or, maybe…
I should try not giving superficial
explanations to serious
social problems…

So, I just strangle my pretentious Freudian
wonderings and continue listening to my
friend repeat his n+1th sob story

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Should I ? Maybe not

Had we met years ago,
I would have worshipped
you, shamelessly.
And you may
have enjoyed it,

Now I merely wax eloquent,
and you think I am making
a pass (which by the way,
I think, you are worth making one).

Then, probably I would have
been more impulsive and
you, less cynical.

And maybe, we’d have remembered
forever for our lives,
that one brief moment,
when our dull lives were
brightened by each others
starry eyes.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Among Men

When we guys get together,
we talk shop.
We share info.
We network.
We brag,
about our latest
We try to dominate
each other, to be
the alpha male.
We crib. About our work/wives/women.
We gossip. About those who aren’t present.
We tell nasty jokes. X- rated jokes.
We drink, get drunk,
get louder and boisterous.
And slobbier.

But we never get to
know each other.
We never confide
our secrets.
We never reveal
our dark side .
We never show our
weaknesses, lest we
get mocked at.
We share no hurts,
no fears, no misgivings.
After all, we all
are supposed to be Supermen.

We part, as we had met.

None the wiser, happier
or enlightened.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

I Don't Get it

Out of sheer stupidity
and not by design,
I betrayed a dear friends
trust in me, recently.

With a contrite heart, I confessed,
apologizing verbosely for my reprehensible act.
"Is that so? You are such a funny guy !" was all
she said.

Penitent, I fasted every Friday,
laid off books, booze and blogs
for six months, to pay for my sins.
At the end, I felt I had righted the wrong.
Again I confessed to her about my sacrifice
that, like a dip in the prehistoric Ganges,
I claimed, had absolved me of my crime.

"Is that so ? You are even more funnier now !!" was all
she said.