Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Among Men

When we guys get together,
we talk shop.
We share info.
We network.
We brag,
about our latest
We try to dominate
each other, to be
the alpha male.
We crib. About our work/wives/women.
We gossip. About those who aren’t present.
We tell nasty jokes. X- rated jokes.
We drink, get drunk,
get louder and boisterous.
And slobbier.

But we never get to
know each other.
We never confide
our secrets.
We never reveal
our dark side .
We never show our
weaknesses, lest we
get mocked at.
We share no hurts,
no fears, no misgivings.
After all, we all
are supposed to be Supermen.

We part, as we had met.

None the wiser, happier
or enlightened.


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