Saturday, October 30, 2004

Have We really Won ?

Now that we have feted and felicitated
our great heros, and are giving every
sundry quite a bit of
the generous bounty,
a nagging feeling remains.
Like an irritating leftover from a feast,
stuck way behind and
between our teeth
that can’t be extricated
or reached by a toothpick.
Have we really won?
Do we really deserve the gung ho feeling,
the machismo, the victory march,
the tonsuring of the head etc..etc ?
What are we celebrating by bursting
crackers, distributing sweets about?
That we are not
going to lose anymore
selfless brave cops and ordinary people
ruthlessly shot or beheaded by
a beast of a man?
That a nation of 100 million
held to ransom by a common
poacher for 20 odd years,
has finally been freed of
the thug?
That we who have weathered
the crafty Chinese/Pak couldn’t
catch a wily brigand?
That we who have technology
to scan our land to a meter’s
resolution from our satellites,
couldn’t see the murderer
because of the the forest cover?
That it took a 700 plus special
cops to finally nail him?
That it took 400 odd bullets
to hit home
fatally with just three?

That a mustachioed demon
fed by opportunist politicians,
saluted by
spineless local cops,
exploited by ruthless
press persons and voraciously
read by the peeping tom public,
has bit the bullet?

I beg to differ.

The entire scenario resembles to me of
hundreds of Lilliputians gloating and
prancing and singing over a fallen Gulliver.
We may have won the war.
But we have long lost our
honor in this battle,
that can never be won back.

Somebody is having
a long, last laugh six feet under.


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