Monday, October 18, 2004

A Wino's Wonderings

Late evening, the pub is
pulsating with camaraderie
and laughter. But all I have,
is a fellow bar fly
repeating his sad
story, for the nth time,
like a stuck audio CD.

Looking abstractedly at the
people around,
suddenly, I wonder…

Why do I not
see women trying to
drown their sorrows in bars?

They always seem so
hip, hep n happy.

Is it that,
they just wanna
have fun here?
Or is it due to
their self control?
Or lack of sorrows?
Or is it just a masquerade?
A self preserving
mode of concealing their hurts?
Or is it due to their rigid
cultural conditioning of
concealing their pains?
Or, are their sorrows
not drownable?
Or do they
cry in
Women Only Bars?

Or, maybe,
women are made
of sterner stuff
and don’t hit
the bottle
every time they
get hurt or hit.

Or may be,
they only cry in private.

Or is it that a man’s
sorrow is supposed to be
universally exhibited and pitied,
while a woman’s,
is hers alone?

Or, maybe, men try to live by
trying to forget the details
and women, by trying
not to forget them.

Or, maybe…
I should try not giving superficial
explanations to serious
social problems…

So, I just strangle my pretentious Freudian
wonderings and continue listening to my
friend repeat his n+1th sob story


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