Monday, August 01, 2005

In the Eye of the Beholder

We are dining in a crowded
restaurant when in
walks a beautiful young thing
with gorgeous, straight and
long, long hair.
She sits with her back to us
and her sinuous hair cascades
over the chair’s back.
Every time she shakes her head,
it comes alive, sizzles and crackles.
Man, woman, child,
everyone around is
mesmerized by it.

“Oh its like as alive as
the snakes coiling on
Medusa’s head...”

“It is as thick and heavy
as the monsoon rain thats falling
in Bombay now...”

“Oh it looks like the
fine spaghetti I bought
at the market the other day...”

“It’s the kind I could easily sell
to buy a watch shop as in
The Gift of the Maggi...

“Maybe she’s the one
from the ivory tower
who uses it to entice
unwary knights
serenading below…”

When even the ordinary
folks let their hair down
and talk so eloquently,
I couldn’t help, but be honest.
Gulping down a generous
measure of beer, I give
them my own version…
“It looks as enticing and
obscene as when Pam Ands wears
a wet T- shirt that screams “These are
REAL !”..."

And I get whacks showered
on my balding pate .

Never be honest.
Be a poet.
The more fanciful,
the better. And safer.


Blogger k a n u r i t e said...

heh.. nice one this.. :-)

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