Friday, September 09, 2005

Almost a Perfect Day

Standing on the fifth floor terrace
of an apartment complex
under construction in Mysore,
I gaze across the horizon. It’s a
magical monsoon Friday afternoon.

The verdant Chamundi hills is
silhouetted behind the
sagging clouds and as the misty
fine rain turns to a light drizzle,
it’s like being in Munnar or Kodaikanal.
The lush hill veiled by the
gauzy downpour looks demure,
like a shy bride of the yore.
How nice it would be to right now
sip a cuppa steaming tea
and read/write in a verandah hammock.
Or just stare at the mystical rain
from a balcony.
Or go plant a tender sapling somewhere.
Or just roast some grounduts and eat.
Or just drive in the slush,
and listen to some sad songs.

Bursting my bubbling holiday spirits,
I walk back to my dingy
site office, to finish the days work.
And maybe I’ll have to work on
the weekend too.

Only mad dogs and Englishmen
used to be out on hot afternoons.
Now, only idiots and me
work on gorgeous days like this.
Almost a perfect day, to contemplate on
stepping off the terrace.


Blogger Reshmi said...

this brings to mind the stories of Narayan or kipling or maugham. i am tyring to place it..... forest officer in the remote village/jungle kinda scenario :P

but watching rain is the best part no? we may never actually get to the other things :)

11:24 AM  
Blogger Crystal blur said...

...must fight lethargy...must get out....(munches on chips in front of the TV)
-Crys :)

8:11 PM  
Blogger India Whining said...

Almost a perfect day, to contemplate on stepping off the terrace.

No..Plz don't !! we don't want to lose a fab writer like U. I am not much in2 reading poetry.. but I make an exception in reading Ur stuff.. Can totally relate to Ur ramblings.. No airy-fairy words.. just simple matter-of-fact writing.. U have got a special talent Siggy..

Another effortless piece. Keep them coming..

4:24 AM  
Blogger Chay said...

Siggy...I am unsure about how i feel...but nostalgia is at the core of it, I am certain!! As a child I automatically turned towards the Chamundi Hills everytime I felt at peace..or smelled rain in the air...or ate peanuts or felt sad and miserable...It was visible from every corner of Mysore in those days...and it was one of my favorite things.

well enjoy!! :-)

11:33 PM  

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