Monday, October 31, 2005

Promises to keep

In Japan, there was a time I believe,
when acclaimed writers after taking
hefty advances,
would rather sleep, take a bath,
research or just loaf around.
Do anything but write.
They were not particularly
fond of deadlines/ delivery schedules.
Their exasperated editors,
finally used to resort to kanzume,
or the Japanese tradition of “canning”
the writers. They just put an errant writer
in a hotel room, without newspaper,
TV, books or any other form of distraction.
Until, he delivers the works promised.
Unfortunately, I am not sought after,
nor have I been paid any four figure advances
that anybody need to develop ulcers over.
I won’t therefore be forced into
a hotel room, to lay the golden egg.
So, it’s a difficult task
to goad oneself to take up the
joyless, scary inner journey.
There were always so many other
easier, irrelevant things to be done.

no more escapisms.
No more excuses.
No more distractions.
No more delays.
No more friends.
No more forgiving audiences.

Just me and the person I think
I should be, as my task master in this
daunting expedition.
I think an Editor
would have made a far
better slave master
and simpler to please.
More human and
easier to deceive.


Blogger Ardra said...

yeah, and the self is such a ruthless critic too -
is never ever satisfied with the words, ideas
that are coaxed forth from a mute brain
and then sometimes very rarely-
suddenly some words spill out before the self knows
and then may be, just maybe there creeps in a vague sense of contentment...
which vaporises much too soon
and the whole cycle continues...

6:24 PM  
Blogger Dan Husain said...

I think it is a wonderful poem. The flow is lucid and it is laced with humor and sarcasm but in my humble opinion it should end at "irrelevant things to be done". I found the lines after that superfluous. :-)



1:16 PM  
Blogger sigmund fraud said...

Thanx Dan,

You do have a valid point. When I republish it elsewhere, I'll remove all the superfluous lines. Once again, thanx for your time and advice.


5:31 AM  

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