Friday, March 31, 2006


On seeing recently a beautiful but deadly adult Russell's Viper being killed by the roadside. I just was too late to save it :

Five minutes ago fifty bucks
would have freed me and the snake.
Now I carry it lifelong.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Luscious fluorescent green caterpillar eating
away my expensive palms leaves.
Capturing its beauty in
various angles, exposures etc.,
I flick it
off and squash.
I’ll enshrine its pics
on the internet.
Like the trapped insects
in translucent gum
from the Jurassic age.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

For Junior

There he lay
in my palm.
Wet and rubbery.
So shrunk.
A miniature
me, who couldn’t
wait till
count nine
to be free.
Jumped the
gun in four.
“If it were a
girl,” the doctor
says, “this miscarriage
wouldn’t have happened”.
guys don’t
stick on.
In or out
of the womb.
I burn his
delicate features
in my memory.
So if I were to
pass by him in
a specimen jar,
I’d say, “Hi kiddo!”
and move on.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Seven sketches of a scene

Lately, my 18 yr old nephew is
wearing his broken heart on
his sleeve, pathetically
mourning his being dumped.
What do I tell him?
That being discarded
runs in our genes?
That I’d been given the stiletto heel six times?
That I’ve probably got the
most articulate/literate singeing
put offs ?
How then I had wished it were as simple as in
some enlightened tribes, where the woman just
keeps his shoes outside the
house and the man gets the message.
And stays away.
No drama. No prosy stuff. Simple.
But I say nothing to him.
A lovers hurt to him/ her is, the
most painful of all in the world.
He deserves his
legitimate quota of depression.
I won’t stop him
from wanting to drown
in his toe deep sorrows.


Thinking of you
I can still feel the reverberations
of the crack up surging through me.
The fault lines have vanished into the horizon.
But I can never get that far
to be immune
to the after shocks.


Some of us ooze so much bathos,
we should have a stay away alert sign
around our necks:
“Caution, don’t throw crumbs of kindness.
Character likely to melt in gratitude.
Please move on…”


The ripples continue.
Long after the motion has ceased.
Defying laws of physics.


One mans misery is
another’s muse.


Blues have many hues.

Blues make bad news.