Friday, April 28, 2006

A Lose-Lose game

Hi Love, How are you?
Your mobile was switched off since the afternoon
(Me flopping in the chair wearily)
Sorry the battery was down.
But you have a car charger
(Wondering why I didn’t grab a
bottle of cold water before I came in.
The bottle here has ordinary water)
I was driving the van today.
Then put a charger in the van too
Ok, sorry. I will tomorrow.
(I stare at the pale blue walls of the hospital.
I’d been driving around in
the hot and dusty roads the whole day
and am feeling so caked with grime,
that if someone took a section of me,
from the rings of the dirt
he’d know which part of this city
I was at what time of the day.
Just for a moment I wonder
if the pale blue wall were a
pool, how, I could have dived into it.)
You don’t know how difficult
it is for me waiting the whole day
for you to come in the evening

(Coming out of the empty pool
feeling more thirsty and dirty)
I’ll come early tomorrow.
It’s so damn depressing here
(Looking at the sudoku puzzle in the newspaper nearby)
You’ll be out in a couple of days
And the pain
(Ha, I know where #7 comes in the 9th box)
Yes I know and I’m sorry.
What do you know about pain and
don’t gimme this sorry -warry.

(Taking my eyes off the paper)
Look I can relate to it.
You can never relate to the pain of anyone
who has just had her insides scooped out.
After all, you are just a man.

I have no words.
Neither has she.

The overhead ancient fan
creaks apologetically, and
blows down more hot air into the
tinder dry room ready to
turn into an inferno if one single
word is uttered.
We wait silently,
till one of us is spent of
of our own rage and misery and
holds out a tentative flag of regrets.

Meanwhile, its getting darker outside.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Well, this was the poor thing I wrote about in the earlier post.